KUAA Programs

Your Support Matters

A thriving KU Alumni Association enhances KU’s reputation and attracts prospective students who see the engaged and successful alumni as role models. KUAA fosters a strong sense of community and connection among former students, creating a network and experiences that provide current students with valuable support, mentorship and career opportunities.

Proceeds from Rock Chalk Forever presented by Truity Credit Union, benefit the Jayhawk Career Network, the Student Alumni Network and other KU programs helping students remain in school, and graduate school, graduate and support all aspects of their well-being, both in and outside of the classroom.

Jayhawk Career Network

The Jayhawk Career Network provides access to career resources—KU Mentoring+, continuing education, professional development and networking for Jayhawks at every stage of their career. Over 12,000 Jayhawks on the platform have made over 20,000 connections with a 94% satisfaction rating.

Student Alumni Network

The Student Alumni Network has more than 5,000 active members. It’s the largest in the Big 12.

We’ll continue to share uplifting stories of your generosity in action ahead of Rock Chalk Forever 2024. Your financial support changes lives.

Big Jays Recess

Together we rise

At the KU Alumni Association, our impact is only as great as our diversity. This is realized through our values in how we Appreciate the Unique. We believe that our differences are strengths, that all humanity has value, and that all Jayhawks belong. We are committed to cultivating an association that models inclusion and respect. We celebrate and support the rich tapestry that makes our Jayhawk community uniquely ours.

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